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The North County Eco Alliance (NCEA) nurtures eco-focused organizations and their communities in the quest to ‘Protect the Planet’.  NCEA advocates collaboration and sharing of information and resources between members and co-marketing activities that create a more powerful community voice. The NCEA was founded by Encinitas Environment Day, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit.

As the NCEA we will continue to host the annual EcoFest in Encinitas, and organize annual workshops aimed at sharing information and best practices to help organizations and businesses grow & succeed.

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Eco March With Us! – Sat Dec 3rd @ 5pm Here’s what people said in the past about being involved with the parade: It was about getting together with friends and creating a memory. It was Free and fun! Snacks and beverages were available. It was “Easy.” No planning was needed. We just resisted and showed-up! It was meaningful – It gave us place to “shout out” the Sustainable Living message to the community. Awesome! Eco Friendly/Sustainable Organizations Welcome! No … read more

Title III Crowdfunding Regulation of the JOBS Act Seminar on Oct. 1, 2016. Sign up now! It has been against the law to solicit funding from the general public until just this May when Title III – Crowdfunding Regulation – of the JOBS Act passed allowing us to go online and raise between $100,000 and $50 million to jumpstart or grow our business dreams. It is estimated that entrepreneurs will raise up to 3.2 Trillion Dollars by 2020! “The Principles … read more

Join us for a Global climate rally in Encinitas. at the corner of Encinitas Blvd and Coast Highway Bring your friends and family Bring your signs to shout out support for the Paris Climate Summit! Tell the world to keep carbon in the ground! Fossil Free by 2050! Special Guests and Speakers: Oceanside Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery and Assistant Pastor Tom Theriault of the Solana Presbyterian Church and former Escondido Mayor Jerry Harmon. For more information contact Rolf vom Dorp … read more

The county has notched another small link in its long-range plans to create a nine-mile linear park along North County’s San Luis Rey River by deciding last week to buy a 60-acre parcel in Bonsall that was once the northern section of the now defunct San Luis Rey Downs golf course. The $3.1 million purchase brings the number of acres acquired for the park to 533. Some day, many years from now, the scenic park will spread across 1,600 acres … read more