North County Eco Alliance (NCEA)

Together is Better


The North County Eco Alliance (NCEA) nurtures eco-focused organizations and their communities in the quest to ‘Protect the Planet’.  NCEA advocates collaboration and sharing of information and resources between members and co-marketing activities that create a more powerful community voice. The NCEA was founded by Encinitas Environment Day, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Vision – A Community of Organizations Nurtured by Collaboration that Excel at Protecting the Planet.

NCEA – Expanded Programs

  1. EcoFest Encinitas – Annual Event, May 15, 2016
  2. Eco Stewards – Frequent Community Activities
  3. NCEA Business Development Workshops
  4. NCEA Member Benefit Program

–Robust collaboration and resource sharing

–Cross marketing of affiliated events

–Low/ no cost business consulting services

The North County Eco Alliance connects organizations, green businesses and the community, in an effort to extend their reach and increase awareness of the latest environmentally-related information, resources, and events across NC San Diego.

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The NCEA participates in and promote events and activities hosted by its member organizations across North County San Diego. The goal of NCEA involvement in these events is to raise awareness of the organization and to expand the membership. The core annual event hosted by the NCEA is EcoFest Encinitas, where green organizations, businesses and the community engage in a day-long experience.

The NCEA conducts 2 workshops annually to inform and educate organizations and businesses on best practices and the latest eco- related policy changes that improve their success. Workshops, tours, seminars, film series, etc. that are sponsored by NCEA members are also highlighted on the NCEA calendar and promoted to the community.

Businesses interested in becoming ‘green’ will be listed in the Green business directory where they will have high visibility by the community and other businesses.

NCEA members will have the ability to reach a new and larger audience by leveraging shared promotional resources. By collaborating effectively, content will have a further reach. Promotion of events and activities will also be available to members through the monthly NCEA eNewsletter and shared Ad Space in local publications.

NCEA members will have access to pooled resources including a volunteer network, library and AV equipment.

The North County Eco Alliance (NCEA) empowers and supports eco-focused organizaNons and businesses with the informaNon and resources they need to succeed. Our goal is to facilitate the distribuNon of informaNon and resources for the greater good of the planet. The NCEA was founded by Encinitas Environment Day, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit