Crowdfunding Seminar: Raise Business Capital Using The JOBS Act

Title III Crowdfunding Regulation of the JOBS Act Seminar on Oct. 1, 2016. Sign up now!

It has been against the law to solicit funding from the general public until just this May when Title III – Crowdfunding Regulation – of the JOBS Act passed allowing us to go online and raise between $100,000 and $50 million to jumpstart or grow our business dreams. It is estimated that entrepreneurs will raise up to 3.2 Trillion Dollars by 2020!

“The Principles of Crowdfunding and How To Raise Capital Using The JOBS Act”

I am writing to invite you to an in-depth seminar on Saturday, October 1st from 10 am – 2 pm with a light lunch catered by GoodOnYa© Organics, Encinitas.

You will walk away with true enlightenment on how to raise money for your business. I will update this post with a map to the meeting room in Encintias, or just sign up and receive an automatic link.

We have 4 major speakers: 

Amy Wan, Esq., Securities Attorney specializing in Crowdfunding law and partner at Crowdfunding Lawyers. 

Ash Kumra, Author, speaker & entrepreneur and national authority on the Crowdfunding process.

Kris Buchanan, Olympic Athlete and founder of the first B-Corporation in the organic food industry in Encinitas, GOODONYA Cafe & Deli.

Matt Morrison, Multi-dimentional business man, leader in for-profit as well as non-profit, and an educator.

It is estimated that Crowdfunding will inject close to $65 Billion into the global economy in 2016, and over $3.2 Trillion by 2020. The Crowdfunding industry has raised capital for millions of individuals from college students to small business owners, to artists and filmmakers, to conscious food purveyors, to the next big tech explosion. 

Anything is possible!

1. Here is the Registration Link:

2. The Agenda: AGENDA-CrowdVesting-Media.pdf

The purpose of producing the seminar is to support small business growth in America, create jobs, and allow benefactors to contribute to the success of other people’s lives. 

The Producer: Jerri Nachman

I am a member of the North County Eco-Alliance (NCEA) and designed and built this WordPress website last year. Also a member of Conscious Capitalism San Diego, a group of conscious business owners who are for-purpose, for-benefit, for-profit entrepreneurs.

You may know I have been a marketing director in the securities industry since 1999. Until the JOBS Act was signed into law in April of 2012, just us regular folks could not raise investment capital to either start or grow our own businesses. Now we can. Let’s do it together!

Looking forward to seeing you there! Any questions, please contact me. You can also forward this post to anyone you know would benefit from it.

Jerri Lyne Nachman, Founder
CrowdVesting Media, a Subsidiary of Electronic Theater
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Benefactor: With a paid ticket(s), you can pre-nominate deserving entrepreneurs or students, senior or military person to attend the seminar absolutely free!

Sponsor: We are also accepting sponsors who wish to sponsor lunch during the seminar, contribute to classroom handouts, or offset the classroom rental. Sponsors receive recognition in press releases, sponsor board, and in the program.