How To Media Share or Add a new Post

How to use Media Share

Media Share is a simplified way of sharing events and activities with your friends and business associates.

Media Share helps NCEA members market events and activities for each other. The hub and spoke model connects you to the total universe of NCEA constituents.

Try it . It takes less than 10 seconds!

  1. Click on a post on the Media Share Blog Page.  You will see the full message
  2. Scroll down a little, click on a Social Media channel: social icons.  ie facebook
  3. Click ‘Post to facebook’ lower right and you are done !

BONUS – Copy & send this link to a friend Please post this for me.   Call them and talk them through it. They can post to their timeline or a page they manage and they will be surprised how easy it is and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

How to Add an original new post – NCEA Registered Members only

  1. Only NCEA members can create a blog post for the NCEA community. If you have credentials proceed to step 2. If you do not yet have credentials, become a member or contact David Evans: for assistance.
  2. Login here:
  3. Upon login you will see your ‘Dashboard’
  4. On the top menu select + NewSelect New Post
  5. This will bring you to the ‘Add New Post’ page. Fill in the title and text for your post in the boxes provided.

NCEA Post - add your blog

Adding an image:
 – Imagery makes your post more aesthetically pleasing which will help it stand out. Images are optional but we highly recommend adding at least one image to your post.

Upload your header or “featured” image to your website, DropBox or any media library, then copy the URL address to that image.

Change your formatting grid to “Text” on the top right corner above the formatting toolbox. Then, find the “img” button and click on that. You will paste the complete URL string into that box. It will then ask for a brief 3 or 4 word description. (Didn’t work? You must click your mouse in the content area exactly where you want to place the image.)

An alternative method is to copy the browser address or URL to that image and place the entire string into the “Text” formatting grid into your post adding the symbols in red:


Embed image as:      <img src=”http://www.your-image.jpg“>


Add link as:      <a href=”http://www.your-pdf-doc.pdf“>


Video: If you are including a video, copy the entire link to that video or use the embed iframe code from YouTube or Vimeo.

Categories – The category box in the right-hand column will allow you to classify your post as an event, news, workshop, etc. This is how WordPress filters information so other users will find your post while they are on the NCEA website. Check the category(ies) that best matches your post. You can also click “All Categories” if it relates to all of our categories. If you forget to click on at least one category, your post will not be displayed at all.

Post Categories

Submit – When your post is ready, select the “Submit for Review” button. This will notify the NCEA website administrator who will review your content to make sure it complies with NCEA guidelines and then will publish your post to the NCEA website.

Submit Post for ReviewSocial Media Postings: Last but not least, let your people on social media know about your event as well! You will see a colorful display of social media icons on the left of your screen. As long as you are logged into your own social media platforms and you click on the icon, your event or blog will automatically be displayed on your social media wall. Try it!