How To Enter A New Event

Here’s how you enter your event on our Calendar.  In order for your image to be included in the calendar, you must first create a blog post, include the blog url link in the event information set up, and publish it.

  1. Only NCEA members can create an event post for the NCEA community. If you have credentials proceed to step 2. If you do not yet have credentials, contact David Evans at
  2. Login here:
  3. Upon login you will see your ‘Dashboard’. The events plugin can be found on the top menu bar or along the left side. Either will work.
  4. Select Events and Add New.Add New Event
  5. This will bring you to the ‘Add New Event’ page. Fill in the Title and Event Description Text for your event in the boxes provided.Add New Event Page
  6. Adding an image – Imagery makes your event more aesthetically pleasing which will help it stand out. Images are optional but we highly recommend adding at least one image to your event post. If you have not included and linked your blog announcement into the event calendar set up, upload your “featured” image to your website, DropBox or any media library. Copy the browser address or URL to that image and place the entire string in the “Text” formatting area:


    (Embed image as:    <img src=”http://www.your-image.jpg“>


    Add link as:     <a href=”http://www.your-pdf-doc.pdf“>

    into your event set up. You may include as many as you wish. The event calendar will pick up the highest positioned image on your event’s page and display it on the calendar. Try it. Go to our calendar (main menu is EVENTS) and roll over a date, then click on it to read more.

    Roll over date:
    Event Calendar rollover

  7. Event Categories – The category box in the right-hand column will allow you to classify your event as a Conference, Festival, Fundraiser, Workshop, etc. This is optional, but helps organize events. Check the category that best matches your post. You can click more than one, or All Event Categories. Be sure to click at least one category for it to show up at all.Event Categories
  8. Event Time & Date – Below the event description box is The Events Calendar. In this section you can specify the date and time of your event. This is required for your event to be display on the NCEA Event Calendar here:
  9. Fill out all of the information: Just move down the page and fill in all pertinent information including the time, date, organizer, location and who to contact. There is also a place to put in the price. If the event is free, enter “0”.
  10. Excerpt: Use this field to specify a snippet of text that will be displayed when a user mouse overs the title of your event on the NCEA Event Calendar.
  11. Submit – When your event post is ready, select the “Submit for Review” button. This will notify the NCEA website administrator who will review your content to make sure it complies with NCEA guidelines and then publish your event on the NCEA website calendar.  Go to our calendar now and mouse over an event on the calendar.Submit for Review - Events
  12. Social Media Postings: Last but not least, let your people on social media know about your event as well! You will see a colorful display of social media icons on the left of your screen. As long as you are logged into your own social media platforms and you click on the icon, your event or blog will automatically be displayed on your social media site. Try it!