How To Share Events & Posts

1. Navigate to the NCEA post or event page you would like to share.

NCEA Blog and Events

2. Use the social sharing tool bar to share a post or event via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

ncea blog social share


3. Example: Facebook

  • If you are not already logged in to your Facebook account on the computer you are using, you will be prompted to login.

Facebook Login

  • A post will automatically be generated and you can add your own message.

Add Your Own Message

  • You can specify where to publish the post. If you manage a business or group page, this is where you will select to post on that page. You can also share this post with a friend or group on Facebook. Note: You can only do this one at a time, so if you want to post it on your own Facebook page and share this on a group page, you will have to do a post for each one.

Where To Publish Post

  • You can also choose who will see the post. For maximum exposure select ‘Public’.

Who Will See Post

  • Select Share Link to publish the post.

Publish Post

4. The main Social Media platforms are available in the sharing bar. If you would like to share on another platform not listed, you can search for it by selecting the last icon.

Share On Another Platform