Already connected by a common goal of improving the environment, our alliance multiplies our potential impact exponentially with the addition of each member. Our reach and share of voice increases, giving us more power as a collective than we do alone.

As individual organizations, each of our members are succeeding at making a positive impact on the global environment within their silos. But inevitably, each organization faces challenges due to a lack of resources, funds, staff, etc.

eco environmental organization
The North County Eco Alliance (NCEA) supports the efforts of the individual members through the development of a network of shared information, education and resources.

Establishing this alliance allows us to identify synergies and connect organizations with the information and resources they need to succeed; giving new meaning to ‘strength in numbers’. At the backbone of the NCEA is the ‘Think(Green) Tank’, which is comprised of a group of environmental cross-disciplinary thought-leaders in the North County area.

This group of hand-selected, volunteer advisors provide insights into the latest issues impacting the North County community focused on the environment and help to drive the direction of the NCEA’s focus.

Long Term Goal

Ultimately, the NCEA strives to be a centralized resource to both the eco-focused organizations and the community they serve by connecting them with the information and resources they need to succeed.

The North County Eco Alliance (NCEA) nurtures eco-focused organizations and their communities in the quest to ‘Protect the Planet’.  NCEA advocates collaboration and sharing of information and resources between members and co-marketing activities that create a more powerful community voice. The NCEA was founded by Encinitas Environment Day, Inc. a 501(c3) non-profit.