Muhammad Yunus Inspires Social Purpose Forum 10/21/2016

This spring I was  fortunate to attend the UCSD graduation and listen to the Keynote presentation by Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Banker to the Poor, 2010 Author of Building Social Business.

Here is the essence of his inspirational message –

“After completing my studies and returning to my native Bangladesh, I looked around and all I could see was problems, BIG PROBLEMS …. I was overjoyed, So excited. So many opportunities. So many challenging problems to solve.

and  then he said, “Students – Don’t go out and look for a job. Go out and look for a social problem to solve. You will find a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness.  

I think that applies to everyone at every stage of life. Muhammad Yunus was the inspiration for the upcoming  ‘Social Purpose Forum’

Theme for Speakers and Active Networking Presenters – “Be a Social Entrepreneur”.

Objective – Create an insightful and inspirational environment for the attendees and link them to the abundant local, regional and national resources.

Message – Very simple high level message that talks about the activities and challenges of getting your program going, the success and failures along the way. Offer to help.  Inspire the attendees to go out, take a risk and solve a problem.

The ‘Social Purpose Forum’ brings together many influential leaders to talk about Social Entrepreneurship and the synergy between 3 powerful movements

  • Sustainable Living that protects the earth
  • Purpose Driven, For Benefit or B Corporations.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

More information and registration –

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Dave Ahlgren, President, North County Eco Alliance (NCEA) and the Team that brought you the 10th annual EcoFest.

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