Save The Date Dec. 3rd, 2016 Encinitas Holiday Parade

Encinitas Holiday Parade photo

No planning needed. Just register and show up. Free and fun! Snacks and beverages will be available. This is about getting together with friends and creating a memory together.

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The Encinitas Holiday Parade is coming up on Saturday, December 3rd at 5:00pm to 7:30pm and the NCEA will be participating.

The parade theme is Encinitas86! Encinitas celebrates 30 years since becoming a City in 1986. In 1986, five unique communities turned into one great City, Encinitas.

The theme for NCEA is 30-years Of Sustainability. We will have an electric vehicle with a 6’ lighted Earth Globe as we did last year and there will be more details to come.

Did you know that in 1986 The world’s largest solar thermal facility, located in Kramer Junction, California, was commissioned. The solar field contained rows of mirrors that concentrate the sun’s energy onto a system of pipes circulating a heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid was used to produce steam, which powered a conventional turbine to generate electricity. 

Plan to Bring a SIGN for your organization (or you can carry one of our earth-friendly signs). Wear green clothing or a holiday themed costume (tree, ornaments, animals, etc.). Please No Santas.

Click HERE to join us and find out more.